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Lie Detection & Polygraph Examinations

What is Polygraph Lie-Detection?
Polygraph is a generic name for an instrument which is commonly known as a 'Lie Detector'. Contrary to popular belief, it does not record directly whether a person is lying or telling the truth; it records changes which take place in the body during stress.
A Polygraph Instrument is, in effect, a sophisticated piece of medical equipment which measures autonomic nervous reactions which take place in the human body when an 'important', or incriminating, lie is told. These responses are usually not visible to the eye. The physiological reactions which occur when a person tells a lie are measured by recording respiration, cardio-vascular reaction and skin moisture changes.
What does Polygraph Lie-Detection entail?
When Polygraph examinations are to be carried out, we give a full briefing on the circumstances relating to the incident or situation. Subject will be interviewed in depth before a series of questions is discussed and agreed - trick questions are never inserted. Tests are confined to relevant questions for each situation and case. Subject is then connected to the apparatus by means of an arm-band, two finger sensors and two convoluted rubber tubes which encircle the chest and abdomen.
A Polygraph test takes 2 hours - usually longer - even though Subject may only be connected to the apparatus for a few minutes whilst the agreed questions are asked and answered. All Polygraph examinations are confidential. 
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