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Electronic Sweeps

What is Electronic Sweeps?

Each and every year billions of dollars are lost to corporate espionage and the theft of intellectual property. While technology has increased to detect the treat, so to has the illegal technology. Protecting your confidential information has become more important than ever. Everything from your telecommunications systems to your computer network, to your boardrooms and company cars, nothing is safe from the capture of communications and information.


What we protect from Eavesdropping?

Our electronic sweep is intended to give you a clean bill of electronic health so you can breathe a sigh of relief and return to a situation in which your privacy is secure. We can attend your home or office and perform a comprehensive physical and electronic sweep to detect such electronic monitoring equipment as concealed recorders, bugs, transmitters, and hidden video recording devices, as well as computer-based privacy breaches such as key loggers providing unauthorized access. We can operate after hours in commercial environments to ensure staff and customers are not alerted, or round the clock if your concern is in your home.
While onsite for the electronic sweep, our operatives are discreet, qualified and highly effective.  However once the electronic sweep is complete, we’ll meet with you to discuss our findings and those important next steps in helping identify the source of your interception.
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