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Commercial & Personal GPS Trackers

What is GPS Tracking System?
Global Positioning Systems such as GPS Trackers operate via wireless connection between the GPS device and multiple Satellites to provide the user with immediate geographic/location data. This form of technology provides a wireless method for Business owners and Private individuals to maintain a watchful eye on assets such as transport equipment, commercial and personal vehicles, and other high value assets.
Today GPS Tracking Systems are commonly used around the globe in loss prevention, fleet tracking, remote surveillance, asset location and recovery, remote employee safety, and in shipment tracking operations. GPS Tracking Systems are increasingly employed within industries such as:
  • Homeland Security & Police
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Industrial and Commercial Fleets
  • Investigations
  • Healthcare
How they can be used in an Investigation?
GPS Tracking Systems have a variety of uses including monitoring the activity of an individual(s), to recover an asset after a loss, to indicate when an individual is ‘on the move’, and to track the movement of assets and products during transit. Our GPS Tracking System Devices determine the locations of a vehicle to which the device is attached and record the position at regular intervals. The data of the locations visited  will be recorded on the device, and can be retrieved in real-time or at a later time after the usage.
The commercial GPS Tracking Technology can be used by any type of commercial transportation like trucks, buses, etc., to keep a watchful eye on your commercial vehicles to assure that the employees are not deviating from the commercial routes that are assigned to them and for insurance purposes and safety – since these trackers record vehicle speed and location.
GPS Tracking Devices and Local Privacy Laws
We strongly recommend that all clients review their Federal and Provincial Privacy Laws pertaining to the use of GPS Tracking Devices. 
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