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Our support team offers a variety of attorney services to help attorneys and law firms located throughout New Jersey area. With our attorney services, we will conduct our own investigation of your case. This includes searching for any new evidence and discovering evidence that was not previously considered. We can also gather and organize witness statements and other documentation, which can be used as evidence during trial. With all of the attorney services that we can provide, we will help you gather the evidence needed to build a defense for nearly any type of case.
What can we do?
Our team can provide a complete variety of investigative attorney services to help you collect evidence and build a defense for any case. Depending on the type of case and the circumstances surrounding the case on which you are working, the specific types of services that you will require may vary. 
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A Rated Investigations - Michael Martinez's Interview - April ...

I would like to share with you the interview I had with Dr. Nilda Perez, aired on 'Dr. Nilda's Show' on Saturday, April 29th, 2017. I would love to see your comments :-) Thanks!

Posted by A Rated Investigations Inc on Sunday, April 30, 2017

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