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Cybersecurity Commercial

Have you wondered how vulnerable your systems really are?

Simly call and ask about a consulting appointment and we'll tell you about our full suite of information security assessments.

Are you concerned about wireless intrusion and how to protect your wireless environment/systems?

Learn how we can help detect and bring closure to these types of concerns.

Tired of wondering how to obtain expert information and how to go about a secure solution for your business? Or concerned of the added cost for these services?

See how affordable, personable, and experienced we are. You'll be glad you called.

Need help with locking down the technology at your place of business?

We have the tools and expers to help you.


Our Cyber Security for Commercial Services includes

Information Security Assessment

Includes systems penetration testing, this test exposes current vulnerabilities and potential exploits that have the capability of impacting an organizations assets. lastly provides a detailed recommendations remediation report to help mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. Recommended scan at least semi-annually. 

Wireless Auditing

Includes auditing of wireless traffic, sniffing of packets, and penetration of wireless cracking tactics. This will uncover weak wireless vulnerabilities in the airway as well as password cracking visibility. Lastly provides a detailed recommendations remediation report to help mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. Recommended scan at least semi-annually.

Information Security Design

Includes a consulting session with an expert engineer, information gathering of customers requirements, recommended security design and professional blue prints (Visio drawings of the recommended design).

Traffic Segmentation Services 

Includes information security analysis of existing design, recommendations on how to segregate traffic and apply appropriate means of isolation between public facing and internal systems

Equipment Reseller

Provides the resale of equipment based on recommendations per engineering designs.

Professional Services

Includes the installation and troubleshooting support Information Security services & network engineering services

Digital Forensics / Source Finder

Services to locate employees, aggregate & visualize data across any business

Password Cracking Services

Inject brut force attacks, dictionary attacks, rainbow table attacks, and cryptanalysis attacks to gauge the password strength of multiple systems e.g web servers LDAP DNS & DHCP servers

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